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Expert and Supervisory Board of the International Institute Administration and Business (IIAB)

The International Institute of Administration and Business has established an Expert and Supervisory Board to implement a double-degree Master in European Business program, as well as other short-term programmes, trainings and seminars in the interest and with the participation of the business community.

Goals of the Expert and Supervisory Board:

  • companies evaluate the quality of IIAB’s programmes through the alumni;
  •  companies suggest changes to the content of the programmes;
  •  companies supply business-cases for the curriculum;
  • companies can organize 3 to 6 months internships for students;
  • companies supply cases for company consultancy projects which are to be discussed within an international students teamwork under the supervision of our professors;
  • companies conduct master-classes;
  • on an annual basis companies can send one or two of their employees to study at IIAB;
  • companies order short-term programmes, trainings and seminars to educate their staff;
  • companies are free to participate in HSE seminars and conferences;
  • companies can employ high-qualified managers able to work in an international dynamic cross-cultural environment.


The following international and Russian companies are in the Board of the IIAB:

  • industrial sector: Alstom, Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroёn, Thales;
  •  FMCG sector: Lactalis Vostok, A.Korkunov, Danone, L’Oréal;
  •  fuel and energy sector: GDF Suez, Schneider Electric, Air Liquide, EDF, Total, Severstal;
  •  legal and consulting companies: Gide Loyrette Nouel Vostok, CMS, E&Y, Dentons,;
  • banking: BNP Paribas, Sberbank CIB;
  • HR-agency TPA/AXIS. 

Our students will be able to:


Сhoose company from various sectors of the economy for an internship with the possibility of further employment;

Attend master classes organized by business leaders;

Work on cases supplied by the companies;

Work in a team on consulting projects ordered by the business.

Executive Secretary of the Board 

Jean-Luc Pipon
Sberbank CIB



Interview with Jean-Luc Pipon:

How does the latest political situation with Russia, Ukraine and the world affect foreign business companies? Do sanctions have any impact on them? In general how does foreign business feel itself in Russia today?

“I am currently working for a Russian bank so 90% of my work is with Russian clients. So, I would say that I am seeing more the Russian side than the foreign one and my impression is done to feel that Russia fears a little bit of Europe - they feel that they are not welcome anymore, which is not true. But this is the first impression. On the foreign side, it is exactly the opposite. Due to political pressure, mainly from America, all investors might wonder, ‘Can we go to Russia?’ or even, ‘Do we need, or can we go to Russia?’ Going to Crimea? I’m quite sure that if investors say ‘Let’s go to Crimea, it is fun!’, the French authorities will not be very happy with that.  So it’s probably better to avoid Crimea but we are all sad about the Ukrainian situation. For me, as I’ve said a lot of times, including to the French authorities, for me Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine. Crimea is another matter but it is very sensitive yet for people to invest there. But if we just speak about business between France, between foreign investors and Russia, for me there`s a lot of emotions right now but everything should come back to normal quite soon”.

Are international businessmen still ready to invest in the Russian market? Is Russia still the place to be or has the situation changed?

“To be honest, as a businessman when you make investments, you make them on a long term basis, especially in oil or in some related industries. So, even if there will be a third world war I’m quite sure that Gaz de France and EDF will continue to invest in Russia. You know, when you have long term investment plans, you are sad again, you may stop, you may freeze, but I think big foreign companies can’t see themselves out of Russia. In any case you have to come there. You may postpone some investments. But it’s a key market. If you take for instance the car industry in France, I can’t imagine Renault saying, ‘Goodbye, I give you the key back”.

What about business relationships between Russia and the European Union. How will they develop, and is the strategic partnership still on the agenda?

“I can’t speak about strategic partners in Russia as a European because the problem is not Russia, the problem is Europe, we don’t have a strategic policy in Europe. So before seeking a partner, it would be better to have common approach between Germany, France and England. So you see I really am a real European. I really believe in it, but the first step is to try to find unity in Europe. As a neighbor, and a big neighbor, for me Russia is close to Europe, inside Europe, even geographically part of Europe. So you know, one day or another there will be one big strategic relationship with Russia”.

In your opinion, what is the future for international business in Russia?

“Due to the nature of your GDP - 56% is oil - everyone is a bit misled about growth. There are some companies growing up. We don’t see them yet. But there is an internal market and it can grow and this growth can be sustainable. But due to the nature of the GDP in general, I think they still need a lot of trade. Russia still needs to make big investments in agriculture. All the oligarchs were playing, were more raiders than developers so now a lot of this money should be made in the real industry. I’m sure that Russians are already doing it but some of them, due to size - I think about petrol and this joint venture with Total for the gas - have to find partners. So there will still be some big flows of investments. I can’t imagine Russia living on itself, by itself, ignoring everyone else”.


Jean-Luc Pipon,
Specifically for the HSE portal www.hse.ru




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