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Program "Doing Business in Russia"

“Being the Best for Your Business”

 IIAB 2016

COUNTRY OF STUDIES: Russian Federation, Moscow, HSE. 

CERTIFICATE: HSE Certificate of short-term professional retraining .

QUALITY ENSURED by leading experts and professors from National Research University Higher School of Economics in close cooperation with leading international and Russian companies. 

AUDIENCE: international students; SME and companies planning to enter the Russian market for the first time or its regional markets, or planning to diversify and enlarge their product line in Russia; business associations having their head-quarters abroad. 


DURATION: October - December or February - April (82 contact hours (6 ECTS). 


  • Programme (or training) is performed in two options: in-house (upon demand – on the the premises of your company in Russia or abroad) and on HSE premises in the heart of Moscow.
  • Individual approach: companies choose from the list of subjects any number and combination of subjects (see the list below);
  • Supplementary subjects (seminars, master-classes) can be considered if agreed upon in advance;
  • Companies get reductions depending on the number of subjects chosen;
  • Company visit(s) (additional module);
  • Experts and professors from HSE bring into the programme cutting-edge research and applied experience;
  • Subjects are taught in conjunction with external business experts, entrepreneurs and consultants from the government sector.


  1. The programme aims to prepare business visionaries of Russia. Russia is one of the largest world economies with a large multinational, multi-confessional, geographically dispersed structure of population, thus accounting for over 100 million potential consumers and clients of your future or current business. Being one of the least hit by the financial crisis European countries, Russia is also a country with considerable economic disparities between regions, thus disposing of yet un-explored potential for future economic leaps.
  2. The programme offers extensive professional in-sider information on the Russian business sector and its potential depending upon the chosen sector, region and subjects.


General introduction to the Russian business culture assured by top-level professionals;

Social and economic overview provided by HSE best professors conducting state-of-the-art research;

Expertise in key Russian sectors of economy open to you upon demand;

Unique opportunity of exposure to the Russian world of business and communication with decision-makers (benefiting from the extensive HSE partner institutions network);

Understanding Russia and its business sector in political, economic, managerial, legal, and social context (general overview) with possible focalization upon demand.

Program in Brief Doing Business 2019

Application Form Schedule 2019

Tuition Fee - 75 000 RUB.

For HSE students - 15% discount!

For additional information, business enquiries and enrollment please contact:

Irina Maltseva

Directorof International Institute of Administration and Business (NRU -HSE)
Holder of an Order of Academic Palms of the French Republic, 
Associate professor, PhD.
Phone: +7 (495) 621 - 51 - 33
E-mail: maltseva@hse.ru

Громова Майя Владимировна

Phone:  +7 (495) 772-95-90 *22499
E-mail: mvgromova@hse.ru



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